Hi, I'm Becky

Photographer | Graphic Designer | Small Business Cheerleader | Coffee Lover

I don't have one of those whimsical childhood photography stories where I'm from a family of creatives, it's possible I'm a cuckoo, as I'm pretty-much the only creative in my family.

I've always been drawn to arts and crafts as a kid, many years ago, which meant I ended up working as a graphic designer for the past two decades. As with most designers I picked up a camera on a whim… and the rest, as they say, is history…

I adore photographing people, sharing their story. I was approached by my wonderful friend Jenny back in 2016. She asked me to take photos for her website, little did we know where it would lead, and that brand photography would become a thing!

She didn’t want boring, standard headshots, but images that reflected her wonderful personality and her business… In hindsight… this was the start of something BIG! For both of us.

Becky & Lizzy

After the craziness of the past few years and being made redundant, after 18 years in a design role,  it was time for me to do as many of my clients have, and take the plunge with my own business full-time...  So I KNOW how you feel, I have been where you are.

I am your cheerleader. Capturing the behind the scenes of businesses and creatives. Creating branding and artwork you can be proud of. Sharing stories, helping YOU show your clients, peers and the world how you do what you do and the passion and creativity behind closed doors that leads to amazing things...

My favourite food is...

Even though I follow a plant-based lifestyle, I LOVe food! Especially Curry and Pizza, not together... well, maybe.  Luckily I have a knack of collecting clients who's businesses I love... definitely check out Rivaaz, Lymington and eatPIZZA.

My favourite drinks are...

Coffee, Gin and Spiced Rum – not together, obvs! If there's anyway we can base our shoot around coffee or a cute coffee shop I'm SO there.

My favourite holiday ever ...

The BEST holiday I've ever been on was to Pripyat and Chornobyl, where we stayed overnight (long before the HBO series!), during the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution. It's as eerie and creepy as you'd imagine, but also absolutely fascinating.  Our tour guide was the same one the Top Gear crew used.

I'm not always nice...

Apparently I'm horrible sometimes - the cheek!  I'm also a group fitness instructor for Freedom Leisure New Forest.  I've been playing loud music and going a bit bonkers for almost a decade. My favourite class is Studio Cycling.

Jedi or Sith...?

Sith, obviously, I'd always choose chaos! Also, Darth Maul is a bad ass... Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise?  If you have time, let me tell you about Revan... (Yes, I put Sith in the 2021 census)

I love to listen to..

Trance (like old skool 90s), Drum and Bass, Electronic Music. My favourite band is Hybrid, I had the huge honour of photographing their 2021 and 2022 shows - honestly some of the best nights of my life, they were amazing live and such genuine people! Fingers crossed I’ll get to work with them again!


"Thank you Becky.

It [the shoot] was so much fun and judging by these sneaky peek images, I’m going to have some wonderful pictures for all my marketing needs."

Helen Wallis-Dowling

Helen WD Coaching - Self Belief Coach

Becky is an amazing photographer, who always makes time for your company and ensures that all photos are up to your required spec!


Double H Nurseries / Love Orchids

“Becky's work and drive for her dedication to you is incredible. As well as being professional and getting the job done so effectively, she is also just so great to work with. She's fun, understanding of your goals and can help you visualise how everything will be placed for your project, from photo mood boards to support in assisting you in getting it right for you. I can't recommend her highly enough for your business or wedding.”


Varvara Coaching