Let's book your Brand Photography Power Hour!

Boosting visibility for small businesses, solopreneurs and coaches through natural, fun, authentic imagery.


Power Hour

Power Hour  –When a mini session isn't enough, but you want to dip your toe in the water, or you're just starting out! Perfect for creating a small gallery of images to share on social media and your website.


  • 1 hour shoot, at a location of your choice*
  • Shout out on social media
  • Pre-shoot consultation
  • Available within 25 miles of BH25
  • Online gallery available for 6 months
The Content Collective Workshop Special Offer!

£225 SAVING £75!

* Location/studio hire not included.

My approach to brand photography

Much like my wedding photography style,  the images I capture are authentic and true to life.  I do this by engaging with your about your business, asking questions and getting you into your "brand zone", where you are comfortable and thinking less about the camera and more about your amazing business and skills!

If you're a selfie aficionado and love a filter, be aware that I do not overly "Photoshop" people to look different from their true selves. While posed photos are included, I prefer to chat to my clients, so their expressions and reactions are natural - this is why we get to know each other first!

If you need a "Corporate" style headshot, of course we can fit one in, simply note it in your questionnaire.  Then it's back to my normal service.

I love capturing businesses and brands being themselves, talking about their passion  and I usually end up learning something as well!

How does Brand Photography work?

Brand Photography is about telling your business' story. While you might be the foundation, your clients are the hero of this epic story. They're ones on this journey with you, you're their guide showing them they way to the result, service or product they need. So show them the journey!

I help your achieve this by capturing photos of your authentic self, the person behind the brand.   This is a joint effort.  If you've been looking at my work here, or on social media you probably already like the fun, colourful nature of the imagery I create and think it will be a good fit for your business.  But we also need to be a good fit as people working together.

I believe a great rapport is paramount for creating, fun, personable images that speak to your ideal client.  Part of our pre-shoot consultation includes a questionnaire and talking about your business and plans for the next 6-12 months to help me plan how best to use our time together.

I just wanted to share with you that I have had so many positive comments about the pictures I post in my FB ads. From how well you have captured me, to the fact that they are in different surroundings and to how they seem to match my messaging so well.

As you know, I love my brand pictures but seems lots of other people do too. So thank you again 😊

Helen Wallis-Dowling – Self Belief Coach, New Milton