Brand Design

Brand Design you will be proud of

With 20 years experience in design and print, I'm here for you! I take on a limited number of design projects throughout the year. So if your brand is in need a refresh, or launching from the ground up I'm here for you every step of the way.

What even is ‘Brand Design’?

Brand design is creating your brand style, it’s tone, the colours, everything that conveys your businesses identity to your potential clients. A good, recognisable brand is pivotal to showing your clients that you’re the right business, or person for them.


  • Brand consultation
  • Brand (logo) design, including concepts and revisions
  • Brand Guidelines and Mood Board
  • Supply of all digital and print-ready files.
  • Help with Canva templates to keep your brand aligned online
  • Option to bundle your Brand Design with a Photography package to absolutely nail brand consistency!

Can we work together on my branding?

Absolutely! I take on a limited amount of brand clients each month to ensure they get the upmost attention and time dedicated to building their businesses visual foundations. This can also be paired with a photography package to really set you apart from the competition.

If you require a quick, in person design day and  turn-around, please get in touch for my 'Brand-in-day' Package.

How does the process work?

We schedule a call, meeting, or coffee… and we discuss your business and see if we’re the right fit. I’ll send you the brand package details and pricing.

Once terms are agreed we move onto the brand questionnaire so I can gather information and create a mood board from which to start designing your brand!

Not sure what you need?  Get in touch to discuss your options and requirements.

How it works...


Ready to get your business off on the right visual foot?  Or maybe it's time to elevate your brand with a fresh, cohesive style that shouts to your ideal client that they need your business in their life.

  • Step 1: Design Planning Session

    • We'll meet up or chat over Zoom and discuss your needs, I find out a bit about you and the brains behind your brand. We'll also talk about your goals and plan for your business over the next 6-12 months.

  • Step 2: Questionnaire

    • I'll send you a questionnaire, this is an extension of our meeting. I find that talking about your business focuses the mind, allowing you to thin about the questionnaire in more detail.
    • Answer as many of the applicable questions as possible, in as much detail as you're able - this provides me with a great foundation on which to get your brand vibe on point.

  • Step 3: I get my thinking cap on...

    • I love a hat and this is one of my favourites, thinking about your brand!
    • I'll collect ideas, create a mood board and start sketching basic ideas, shapes, whatever feels right for your business.
    • Once I have a fully-formed idea, I'll be hanging out in Adobe Illustrator, bringing your brand to life

  • Step 4: First Look & Refinement

    • I'll send the concept to you so you can take a look, at your leisure (but don't leave it too long!), then we'll discuss any refinements that are required.
    • If any tweaks are made and signed off I'll proceed to create any printed collateral (business cards, etc.) if needed.*

  • Step 5: Delivery

    • All yours! I will supply you with all print and digital files (PNG, EPS, PDF), brand guidelines, links to Canva Templates and any print design PDFs.


from £800

You'll receive:

  • Primary logo and concept design
  • Logo versions for various uses, such as horizontal and vertical spaces. Stamps, Typography only, Social Media and Watermarks.
  • Brand Guidelines containing Logo Variations, Brand Colour Palette, Typography usage guide.
  • All of your logo files, suitable for all uses. From print and web to social media, signage etc.

Please note I require a 25% initial fee to begin working on your project. Balance due on delivery of logo files.

* Printing costs not included. If you require print of flyers, business cards etc. I am happy to discuss and source printing.

Becky has been great helping to bring my ideas to reality for my brand. Found her great to work with, she really took on board my thoughts and added her own flair to it.

I felt so relaxed on the photoshoot too - which is something I would normally shy away from.

I have been so happy with the work completed so far I have sent more of my own work her way and would recommend Becky to anyone looking to for a new or re-brand or just to refresh their photos for their current brand.

Victoria Sly, Tailored VA